Dekotora by Todd Antony



Thanks to Todd Antony's work, a talented and renowed New Zelander photographer based in London, I discovered what was hidden behind the Japanese word デコトラ (dekotora) that I've heard one day without knowing much about it.



Todd Antony - Dekotora project


The result is simply STUNNING! The emotion that emanates from these photos is really fantastic, I would even say eerie somehow. The composition clearly mastered also helps for this purpose.

"The Japanese word ‘Dekotora’ is an abbreviation for ‘decoration truck."

Shot with the XF IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, Todd Antony brilliantly succeeded in transcribing a colorful universe, loaded in detail and peaceful at the same time. It is after researching about subcultures around the world that Todd found this trend stemming from a series of 10 Japanese films (Torakku Yarō̄ - 1975> 1979) and got his next photo project.


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